New contract - Newbuild no. 203

We are pleased to inform that we have signed contract with Aas Mek. Verksted on the delivery of complete electrical installation on newbuild no. 203, wich will be built for Kerko Seatrans. The delivery will also consist of WellControlâ„¢

New contracts. Newbuild no. 200 and 201.

We have signed contract on the delivery of complete electrical installation for newbuilds no. 200 and 201 (picture) at Aas Mek. Verksted. Both are being built for Sølvtrans AS. We would like to thank Aas Mek. for choosing Vik Elektro as their supplier, and we look forward to cooperate on the projects.

Completion of project - Copra AS

We congratulate Copra AS with their new and future-oriented building. See pictures and video from the project by clicking on the title above.

Delivery - Newbuild no. 882

We have delivered complete electrical installation for newbuild no. 882 "Research" at Vard Group AS Langsten. This was delivered to Research Fishing Company in Shetland in october 2018. We wish the shipowner good luck with their new vessel.

Promenade in Vestnes

We have delivered lightning and electrical installations to the new promenade in Vestnes. We thank Søvik & Skåravik for the assignment.

Delivery - newbuild no. 143 - Koven

We have delivered electrical installations for newbuild no. 143 - Koven, who was delivered from Salthammer Båtbyggeri in february. We would like to thank Salthammer for the assignment.

New contract - Newbuild no. 199

We have signed contract on delivering electrical installations for NB. 199 at Aas Mek. Verksted, built for Sølvtrans. In addition to this, our delivery consists of systems such as: - Main Switchboard, Emg. switchboard, IAS and WellControll We thank Aas Mek Verksted, and look forward to cooperate on this project.

New contract - Copra AS

New combined office and warehouse for Copra AS. The build will be completed by the end of 2017.